"dance takes place" workshop series in 2021 will become visible here.

dance takes place

Workshop Summer + Autumn 2020

on sensing, feeling and responding to places and exploring movement and performance


natural places

urban places

forgotten places

safe or dangerous places

in-between places

the body as a place


This outdoor program with Ewelina Zielonka and Jungyeon Kim invites those who are interested in movement research and performance practice in outdoor space. We will work over four weekends through this Summer and Autumn and take thereby different locations for each weekend as our studios/stages.


Each workshop weekend will introduce different exercises and activities to sharpen our body-mind awareness and to discover the given surrounding anew – with open freshness and curiosity. We, as sensing, feeling and expressive beings, will enter into the relationship with our environment and let this relationship inspire and widen our body expression.


We will research, improvise, perform and reflect with and for each other – individually, in duet/trio, in groups. The workshop is open for all levels of experience; yet, respect and supportive attitude towards other people's processes are essential.

WITH: Jungyeon Kim and Ewelina Zielonka

DATES: 1st + 2nd August,  29th + 30th August,  3rd + 4th October,  31st October + 1st November 2020

TIME: Saturdays from 13:30 to 17:30, Sundays from 10:30 to 14:30

LANGUAGE: English / German

COST: 85€ / erm. 75€ per Weekend

* The participants are expected to respect and keep the actual hygienic recommendations. In case the continuation of the workshop is interrupted due to the pandemic development, the participants will receive the fee back.

WHERE: We will work in and around Frankfurt – such as at forests, fields, an old train station, a village area. The outdoor location will be announced some days before each weekend – together with practical tips for reaching there, as well as information on historical or social context of the location, if applicable.


The participants will be expected to bring comfortable and 'old' clothes and shoes, depending on the location. Although the workshop leaders will research each location in advance for best possible comfort, the participants are expected to be open and ready for improvising around bathroom needs and dressing, if unavoidable.

CONTACT: tanzrefugium@gmail.com (Ewelina and Jungyeon)

EWELINA ZIELONKA studied contemporary dance at PPSKAK in Kalisz, Poland. She graduated from Anton Bruckner University Linz/A with a BA in Movement Studies, Performance and Dance Pedagogy. She obtained her MA Contemporary Dance Pedagogy at the University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt am Main. Ewelina investigates dance and movement training in unconventional settings and engages with a diversity of target groups. Currently she leads Tanzklubs at Mousonturm and at Staatstheater Wiesbaden. More about Ewelina Zielonka: https://ewelinyzielonki.wixsite.com/the-sense-of-place

The biography of JUNGYEON KIM can be found on this page.