Apply till the 23rd of July 2023

Performance Summer Laboratory 2023 calls for performers residing in France or in Germany in the age between 18 and 31. Young artists, students in the field of performing arts, or experienced amateurs with dedicated interest may also apply.

Performance Summer Laboratory this year takes place from the 4th till the 22nd of September 2023 in Hesse (Germany).

It is a cultural exchange program in the frame of performance research and exploration, taking place every Summer with/for German and French young adults with previous experiences in the field of dance, performance, theater, music, media, etc. Young artists, students in the field of performing arts, or experienced amateurs with dedicated interest may also apply.

The project covers all costs of participation, including travel, accommodation, meals and workshops during the entire project period – except the registration fee of 200 Euro, should the application be successful. The seats are limited to ten participants.


The project is for those who look for an intensive time of developing oneself in the field of dance/improvisation/performance/cultural education and making performative and artistic exploration. The project entails 18 days of residency/rehearsal as a constant group in Hesse (Germany), including public performance presentations.

Project Frame: Deutsch-Französische Performance Werkstatt

Artistic Titel for 2023: “STOP!parlez - oder von der Schwierigkeit die richtige Wahl zu treffen”

Schedule: from the 4th evening till the 22nd morning of September in Germany (Hesse). Please make sure that you would be able to take part through the entire project period.


required language skill: English (as the working language in the project) 
as well as either French or German

facilitation: Ferenc Kréti and Jungyeon Kim

documentation of the projects in the previous year:

in 2018:

in 2019:


Performance Summer Laboratory is organised by interdisciplinary theater initiative T-LAP (Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany) and its French cooperation partner Vincent Di Santo. The project is part of the partnership program between Hesse and Nouvelle-Aquitaine, supported by Hessische Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst, Das Deutsch-Französische Jugendwerk and Frankfurts Kulturamt.


Please send us your application from now till the 23rd of July 2023, containing the following information WITHIN ONE PDF-FILE:
– full name, age, city of your residency, phone number and email address
– letter of motivation (approximately one page)
– CV
– dates and times in which you’d be available for an interview (via online) between the 25th and the 27th of July
T-LAP (Tanz I Theater I Laboratory I Cross-over Productions)